elmiron® for Bladder Pain Syndrome not recommended in initial assessment by NICE

Consilient Health is extremely disappointed that the initial recommendation from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), detailed in its appraisal consultation document (ACD) released today, is negative for elmiron® (pentosan polysulfate sodium).  elmiron is the only licensed oral medication for bladder pain syndrome (BPS) with glomerulations or Hunner’s lesions (referred to as interstitial cystitis/BPS)1.

Commenting on the NICE recommendation, Mr Jonathan Goddard, Consultant Urological Surgeon, Leicester General Hospital said: “BPS is a chronic condition, challenging to manage and difficult to treat. There is no standard treatment; we often try several treatments before finding one that is suitable for a patient.  It’s crucial to have a range of treatments in our armamentarium; elmiron is effective and well-tolerated, and should an available option for appropriate patients.”

Susannah Fraser, Communication and Media Manager, Bladder Health UK said: “The intense pelvic pain and unrelenting urgency to pee has a considerable detrimental impact on an individual’s lifestyle, ability to work, emotional health and relationships.  Their quality of life is hugely compromised. elmiron is already licensed and should be available to women and men affected by this debilitating condition.”

The Department of Health asked NICE to produce guidance on the use of elmiron for use in the National Health Service (NHS) in England.  An appraisal consultation document has been produced setting out the initial recommendations made by NICE.  This document is not NICE’s final guidance and feedback has been requested by the 1 August 2019, with a second appraisal committee meeting scheduled for the 21 August 2019.   

“Interstitial cystitis/BPS is a rare but excruciating condition, and elmiron is a much needed treatment option. There is a clear clinical need for this medication, and Consilient Health will be working with NICE to ensure that the appropriate patients continue to have access to elmiron” said Luke Crosbie, Consilient Health Executive Vice Chairman.

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