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Prescription Medicine

Positive initiatives in therapeutic areas

At Consilient Health, innovative solutions for patient health are our focus.

We offer a wide range of prescription products including a range of licensed vitamin D products, a women’s health product (a gel for vaginal atrophy) and a specialist urology product. We partner with the NHS to drive reliable provision of high-quality medicines and cost-savings for the NHS, complemented by comprehensive support programmes for both medical professionals and patients.

For access to the summary of product characteristics, patient information leaflets and available risk minimisation measures, please view the Product section below.

Therapeutic Areas

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Women’s Health

Consilient Health continue to invest in market leading therapies for our women’s health portfolio. We always look to build in value for both healthcare professionals and patients.

We have a Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) gel for vaginal atrophy for women with the menopause and we continue to provide educational resources for both patients and healthcare professionals in this important therapy area.

Women's Health

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Endocrinology Portfolio Information

Since launching our first endocrinology product in 2014, Consilient Health has successfully launched products in this therapeutic area including medicines to optimise bone health and diagnose rare conditions. These are managed by our UK, Irish and European specialty business units.

We provide a range of bone health products that meet prescribers’ and patients’ needs. Providing innovative solutions for prescribers and patients is a key element of our offering.

Consilient Health is a valued strategic partner with plans to continue its expansion in this area over the coming years.

Endocrinology Portfolio

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Consilient Health is proud to have brought to market a specialist urology product used to treat a rare and potentially debilitating urological condition. The disease is poorly understood and treatment options are limited.

Consilient Health was successful in gaining a positive appraisal from NICE and SMC in 2019. This is in keeping with our desire to bring to the market medicines that have a clear differentiation and where there is an unmet clinical need.


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Consilient Health is proud to announce the introduction of a new formulation for the treatment of ADHD.

This latest addition to our portfolio underscores our commitment to diversifying treatment options and enhancing the patient experience.

Recognizing the varied needs of young patients. This launch aligns with our dedication to meeting the evolving needs in healthcare, continually seeking to improve patient choice and accessibility in ADHD therapy.


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Smoking is the UK’s biggest preventable killer – causing around 1 in 4 cancer deaths and leading to 64,000 deaths per year in England. It is also one of the biggest drivers of health inequalities across the country, and tackling this is a priority to improve public health.

Consilient Health is proud to invest in this area of significant unmet need and remains dedicated to bringing forward treatments that can make a real difference in people’s lives.

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Partnering with our prescription medicine team in the UK

Consilient Health has developed strong relationships with partners both in the UK and Europe. Our prescription medicine business began with the launch and successful commercialisation of a branded oral contraception range in 2010. This has since been followed by additional launches of InVita D3®, Calci-D®, elmiron® and Blissel®.

Current areas of focus for Consilient Health are predominately within the fields of women’s health, bone health, urology, and endocrinology and we are always looking to expand our portfolio with further innovative medicines.


We have an exceptionally knowledgeable team in the UK with a wealth of experience in bringing prescription medicines to market. Our team understands the needs of the UK’s patients and with the help of our experienced Healthcare Partnership Managers reach all areas of the UK allowing us to maintain strong relationships with ICC’s and health boards in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales while also providing support and education for patients and healthcare professionals.

We have a track record of launching and relaunching medicines into the NHS. We are trusted partners of european pharmaceutical companies and maintain excellent relationships with all stakeholders involved, delivering value for our partners.

With our experienced team of marketing and commerical personal, we offer our partners insight and understanding to optimise the commercial success of your medicines and ensure that patients gain access to the medicines they need. To discuss our capabilities as a partner for the UK please get in touch.

Consilient Health’s portfolio expands beyond the UK and across Europe, for more information on this please visit

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Women's Health

Women’s Health

Blissel® Vaginal Gel

50 micrograms/g vaginal gel, 1 pack PIL SPC
Endocrinology Portfolio


Calci-D® Chewable Tablets

1,000mg/1,000 IU, Tube of 28 PIL SPC

InVita D3® Oral Drops solution

2,400 IU, 1x10ml Bottle PIL SPC

InVita D3® Oral Solution

25,000 IU, 3x1ml Ampoule PIL SPC
50,000 IU, 3x1ml Ampoule PIL SPC

InVita D3® Soft Capsules

25,000 IU, Blister 3 PIL SPC
400 IU, Blister 28 PIL SPC
5,600 IU, Blister 4 PIL SPC
50,000 IU, Blister 3 PIL SPC
800 IU, Blister 28 PIL SPC


elmiron® Hard Capsule

100mg, Caps Bottle 90
Great Britain Product information PIL SPC
Northern Ireland Product information PIL SPC

Detrunorm® Tablets/ Modified Release Capsules

15 mg Film-Coated Tablets, Pack of 56 PIL SPC
30mg Modified Release Capsule, Pack of 28 PIL SPC
45mg Modified Release Capsule, Pack of 28 PIL SPC


Methylphenidate Hydrochloride Oral Solution

2mg/ml oral solution, 150ml bottle PIL SPC


Cytisine Tablets

Tablets 1.5mg, pack of 100 PIL SPC

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